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I have no previous publishing history, except for producing regular articles under the title of ‘Philosophy of the week’ in my London University college journal called ‘The Beacon’. (1959-1961). It was produced once every two weeks and my articles were always controversial at that time. Some of the titles were: CND Campaign for unilateral Nuclear Disarmament) are like Ostriches burying their heads in the sand.’ - ‘There is no such thing as an individual’ - ‘What would have happened if Hitler had won the war?’ EXTRA PERSONAL INFORMATION: Born: December 1940 - I am a British Optometrist by profession. I have a Green Card in the USA due to being involved in hi-tech refractive laser surgery since 1991. I was licensed in UK at the age of 21 yrs (1962) and in District of Columbia US (1997). Politically motivated towards the right, being a member of the British Conservative Party and an elected Borough Councilor for Barnet in North London UK in 1979. I held the position of Secretary of the Knightsbridge Speakers’ Club” in London. (1976-8)and spoke at the Royal Society in London about the ‘The Rotting Earth’ and man upon it being like maggots at a rotten apple (1976). My lifetime idols are Winston Churchill & Albert Einstein. I wish to spend the rest of my time writing. I have already started a conquel or paraquel for this novel working title "Upload".



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